Friday, June 1, 2012

Too Tall for Trains

I come from a long line of tall family members. My brother is 6’3”, I have a cousin who is 6’8”, and even my sister who is eight years younger than me passed me up in height about two years ago. EVERYONE in my family is tall. And then there is me. I stand at 5’5” (on a good day) and have always felt comfortable and confident at that. Sure my view from down here may be a little bit different than the rest of my family’s, but we are all still staring up at the same blue sky. For those of you who don’t believe me or think this to be some kind of hyperbole, here is the proof that my statements do not contain the slightest bit of exaggeration.

Me trying to look tall
I’m used to being teased by my family and I enjoy it. However, I have to admit that coming to Taiwan supplied me with a boost in my ego. For once in my life, I was ranked among the tallest members of society for the past five weeks. So much so in fact that I was pleased to find that I no longer fit on a train. Yes, you heard that correctly, I am too tall for trains. While this is a new experience for me, I felt that I was able to handle the task supremely by making use of my surroundings to ensure comfort and repose as manifested by exhibit A and B below.

Notice how not only do I not fit here, but my friend Katelin two people over from me does not fit either. And she is 5'1"!
Some of you may be thinking this is a weird picture, but I just had to take it because I never thought I would see the day when I did not fit somewhere. I went from feeling like Frodo and I were best friends down in hobbit-ville to being able to look Abraham Lincoln in the eye. I towered over all the nurses I worked with and for once got to experience what life was like on the flip side. I wish I could say this was the best part of Taiwan, but it doesn’t even come close. My experience in Taiwan has taught me so much! Not just about nursing, specifically differences in Eastern and Western medicine, but also about people, cultures, charity, and about myself. Oh, and a lot about food too.
One of my nurses and I at lunch. That would be pig liver in my chopsticks. It actually wasn't too bad and it was one of her favorites so I had to try it.

Stinky tofu is just one smell I can't even begin to describe. It's that bad.

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