Friday, June 1, 2012


My nursing course in Taiwan has officially ended. It has been four weeks and the thought of leaving has been bittersweet. There is so much I have learned over the last four weeks and so much that I am going to miss. For starters, I'm going to miss
Chelsea butterscotch ice cream bars from 7-11
How they warn you of a construction zone
Dragons everywhere
Families I have come to love
The hospital patients that roam freely outside the hospital. Fresh air must be in all of their medical orders.
Uncle Thomas, as we call him, our security guard at our dorms
New friends
The only sunflower I was able to find on this entire island. It's still beautiful if you ask me.
Random late night hair cuts (I had never cut anyone's hair prior to this moment). Good times.
Jim, my instructor
Families and their caregivers
Trying food I never knew existed
Hospital cafeteria lunches
Carting our luggage around for all of our weekend trips and adventures
Crazy mopeds

Humble circumstances (this is a family's sink)
On the flip side, I do not anticipate missing
The smells (this is a staple in all 7-11's- I never tried it and I never will)
And even the glorified squatters I am looking forward to leaving behind
Taiwan has been more than I imagined and I hope to one day come back and visit. The adventure does not stop here though. Next up... nine days in China!

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  1. Wow Chels! I can't believe it's already the end of your time in Taiwan! I'm sure you are very sad about leaving. It looks like you have done and learned a lot! I'm glad to have heard so much about your time there and that you've been having such a great time. Hope you have as much of a good time in China these next days as you've had in Taiwan! Love & miss ya!