Friday, May 4, 2012

Random but Awesome
This post really has no theme to it. I thought I would just compile a few pictures that I have taken that are completely random. So enjoy! 
Yes this is real. No one seemed phased by this except the American girls. Need a closer look? See below.

You can see hooves and ribs!

A family's house

The woman who lived in this house prepared a pineapple for me on what looked like the nicest plate she owned. Her house was so humbling. The bathroom had one empty bucket and a second bucket full of brown water. This made up her shower. The kitchen was about the size of a half bathroom and had ants living out of the trash can. I was even taller than the most of the door ways (which is saying a lot!). The fork I ate off of was dirty and worn, but I could tell she had gone through a lot of effort to make such a treat for me. I ate the pineapple off of it with the utmost gratitude. The people here will stop at nothing to show you how much they care and appreciate you coming into their homes.
Pretty view. I loved the trees on either side of the road. So green!

Mango tree! They cover the mangos in those white little bags.

A beautiful temple

After providing some nursing care to the man living in this house, I was escorted to the sink where I would wash my hands and this is where I was led to. There was no soap either. Once again, very humbling situations.

The inside of an old traditional Chinese home.

Inside one of the temples. If you look closely you can see little stick looking things coming out the top. People go into the temple with a question, draw out one of the sticks and open the box that the stick corresponds to. After pulling out a pink slip of paper from the box, you read what it says and that is the answer to your question/prayer.
My nurse inside the temple. These bookmark looking pieces of paper each have wishes or things hoped for written by people who enter the temple. One wished for more money, while another hoped for their parents to move on to the next life because they had been sick for a long time.

This is how we do it. Little bit different than the States, huh?

Outside of a temple. No clue what the pillar says unfortunately.

At the night market. I felt so bad for this dog. It looks really sad. It just sits on that box as a way to bring customers to the food stand behind him. I thought it was interesting that the dog had a cup for water and a cup for tea. They love their tea here!

Cool looking tree

We went to a sword makers shop. The guy that makes the swords adds human bones to the fire. Phosphorus is then released from the bones, which makes the fire hotter and also makes the swords stronger. My teacher owns a couple of the sword makers knives and he said he has never had to sharpen them in the last three years.

All 7-11's have the most interesting food in them, accompanied with a strong wave of smells enough to stop you dead in your tracks. Sorry, but I will probably never try this one.

Getting caught in a rain storm

A train ticket. The only thing I can read on it is the date and time. My Chinese is coming along great!

Even the trains are packed!
This is called stinky fruit. Yes, it smells stinky.

All of the cars have lace coverings on the front and back seats.

A local Elementary school

Rain stops no one! Just throw on a poncho and you are good to go!

These are their garages

City lights at night

I always feel so bad for this fish every time we go eat here. He looks so lonely and also looks a little too big for his tank.

Everyone wears masks around here ALL THE TIME. Masks line the walls of some of the shops and they have quite the assortment.

Remember that massage I was telling you about? This is when it still felt good. (No that is not a pedicure either. It was a foot wash)

Pretty orchid!

A side street

Entrance to the baseball game
In case anyone has noticed, I once used to have bangs. This does not jive well in 90 degree weather and 90% humidity. Therefore, I will no longer have bangs for the month of May. I also will never be able to wear my hair down for the next month either. Buns and braids is about all you can do here. 

We are headed to the movie theater tonight to see the Avengers. The movie theaters here actually have popcorn and the movies are in English with Chinese subtitles. 

More adventures to come! Until next time... 

P.S. The trash trucks here sing. They play the same tune, one that is bound to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, and drive slowly along the side of the street. Everyone runs out to the street and throws their trash bags into the back of the truck as it drives by. 


  1. Hi Chels -

    I love your blog - it makes me laugh and smile. I can totally imagine you on these adventures. I enjoy hearing about the people and your patients, they seem very humble and appreciative! About the masks, the one you were wearing would be a perfect addition to Sydney's cheetah wardrobe! It must be popular over there too.

    Keep up the good work and try to add the baseball video to your blog. Then you will have it longer, as Facebook posts disappear quickly.

  2. Chelsea: Love your blog! I hope your computer doesn't let you know when I post this, since you are fast asleep at 3:30 a.m. in Taiwan! It looks like you are having a fabulous time! You are taking so many interesting pictures of everything, it is really incredible! Some of that food looks SO gross! I can almost smell it through the computer. Don't tell me....they also eat kimchi there, as in Korea? I wouldn't doubt it! That foot massage looks great--it reminds me of Master Wong's here in Alhambra...also, I have had acupuncture, too! It all looks great to me! I'll have to learn more about the cupping--maybe I'll try that next! XOXO, Aunt Lisa